NICE (Nutrition Information Center)

NICE disseminates scientifically based information on the nutritional and health aspects of the products from our agriculture, horticulture and fishery to different groups but mainly to health professionals. This information helps to make healthy food choices based on mentioned products. NICE was founded in 1992 and works since then in close relation with a multidisciplinary scientific board.


Nutrition Information Center (NICE):

  • positions itself as a Flemish knowledge center and discussion partner with regard to nutritional information on the products of agriculture, horticulture and fishery;
  • actively cooperates and seeks synergy with relevant, prominent and reliable partners that are also active in the broad field of nutrition and health;
  • calls upon the members of its scientific advisory board to see to it that the information disseminated is up to date, scientifically well-founded and corresponds to the nutritional recommendations that apply in Belgium;
  • operates as part of VLAM npo (Flanders Agricultural Marketing Board) on commission to the Flemish government and Flemish agricultural producers;
  • is largely financed by the Flemish government and for specific projects is able to enter into partnership with other parties on condition that it matches the NICE mission and operating framework;
  • develops its work within the bounds of a socially sound context;
  • fulfils its task in a proactive, flexible, innovative, customer-friendly and honest manner within an efficient, result-oriented, dynamic, instructional and transparent organisation that takes account of the principles of sustainable entrepreneurship, and maintains a balance in the ecological, economic and social domains;
  • evaluates its work on the basis of measurement systems adapted to the organisation.


  • Nutrinews, a quarterly magazine for health professionals such as scientific researchers, physicians and other health workers, nutritionists and dieticians, nutrition teachers and the press, is send to 18.000 subscribers.
  • The website is a source of information for different target groups on nutrition and health. It includes the online version of Nutrinews. Nutrition topics are addressed in questions and answers. Some online food test are useful to make people aware of their erroneous eating behaviour. The website offers healthy recipes for every type of meal.
  • The website offers information and practice support on healthy eating for specifically general physicians and dieticians.
  • Brochures and leaflets on different topics and mainly intended to be used by health professionals to help them to inform and sensitize the general public.
  • Education materials to support teachers and schools to learn young children how to eat healthy. "Het land van Calcimus" ( is our best known and frequently used education material.
  • Subscribers receive once a month a digital newsletter that keeps them informed about the actions and publications of NICE, interesting nutrition news, seminars and new tools.
  • NICE acts as a nutrition information center for the press.

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